Practice Made Perfect

As a lawyer our tendancy is to work so hard In our business we neglect to work ON our business.  As a result, we're stuck using systems and technology that are years out of date and our effeciency suffers as well as our work product. It's a vicious cycle, because our technology and systems are obsolete, we have to work harder and longer to keep up so we don't have the time to update these things.  We have office procedures that our out of date.  We don't take advantage of the technology available to become more efficient -- It's not that we don't have the time to learn a more efficient system, we just don't have the time to find out what those systems are and evaluate the good ones from the bad.

With everyone trying to sell us a better way to practice, we just don't have time to sort the diamonds from the dirt.  If we find a good product or system, we don't have time to plan implementation and training for our staff.

That's where we come in.  As lawyers, we know how a law firm works.  We keep on top of the latest technology and do the sorting for you.  We know what works and what doesn't.  The result is more efficient systems that save time and money for our law firm consulting clients.

Will Worsham is a 1996 graduate of the University of Missouri - School of Law and a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer.  In 2002, after leaving the Greene County Prosecutor's Office, he founded the world's first completely internet based legal service provider.  Since then he has expanded that service to multiple states under the umbrella of and launched other internet based legal service websites.

Will is known for being on the cutting edge of law practice technology. Practicing primarily Criminal Defense in his own firm, the Worsham Law Firm, Will uses work flow systems he developed to maximize scanning and cloud based products to run a fileless virtual office.  Everything from his telephone system, faxing, files and case management is completely cloud based -- accessable and usable from any location with internet access.  The result is a firm with much lower overhead in staff, equipment and supplies than any other.

Will has helped many other lawyers optimize and streamline their practice using his unique combination of knowledge and experience.  He can help you too.